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Marketing Your Business Online

This may seem elementary for some of you, but it is important to understand the process and the basics for success in online Business Marketing.

SEO is the process by which the search engines are used to promote a service, product and website. There are two basic ingredients needed to do this successfully. Both require exhaustive SEO – Search Engine Optimization research and promotion that BHP Internet Marketing can assist you with.

  1. On site optimization. The website design needs to be structured to promote the right keywords in your industry. It is not enough for you to know what you are selling. It is important to tell the search engines what you are selling too. It is necessary to research how consumers are looking for your products in order to know how to structure the website effectively.
  2. Off site optimization. In order to succeed online, it is important for the search engines to know that your website is respected within your industry and throughout cyberspace. The website must be SEO friendly. This is a large aspect of internet marketing. The most important way to do this is by creating a link structure associated with the keywords on your website. This includes submission to directories, related websites in your industry, press releases, social marketing and blog posting to name a few. The more competitive the keyword, the more methods of link acquisition are needed. Before spending thousands of dollars, make sure the keywords are competitive enough to warrant such an investment.

Search engine research is crucial in order to do the appropriate promotion for your website. You risk ineffective or overly expensive search engine optimization. Learn about our search engine web design, and our keyword research services. We are located in Cleveland Ohio, but service companies nationally.

Trust BHP Internet Marketing to develop your online presence.

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